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The PATH Project: Plan and Act for Transgender Health

The PATH Project (Plan and Act for Transgender Health), is a partnership of local gender-diverse community members, The Fenway Institute, Cooley Dickinson Health Care and researchers from Harvard Medical School. Utilizing a multi-phase mixed-methods approach grounded in a participatory population perspective, the aims of this project are to: Assess the lived experiences, physical and mental health, and met and unmet health care and social service needs of transgender and non-binary people in the catchment area in order to inform the development of future health services. Additionally, the project seeks to map the health care organizations and providers currently serving transgender people in the region, identify gaps in health and social services offered, evaluate how delivery of services can be improved, and gather perspectives from providers and transgender communities about perceived barriers and facilitators to health care services.

Select parts of MA, CT, NY, VT, and NH


  • Adults 18 years or older who identify as transgender or nonbinary

  • Parent/s of a transgender or nonbinary individual under the age of 18

  • Health and social service providers, front line and medical staff from health centers, clinics, and hospitals in the catchment area

Funder: Private Donor

Dates: 2018-Present

PI: Alex Keuroghlian. Co-I: Sari Reisner


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