Cervical Cancer
How To: Self-Swab to Test for HPV

How To: Self-Swab to Test for HPV

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Need more information on cervical cancer screening for trans masculine individuals?

Read our community report titled "Gender Affirming Cervical Cancer Screening for Trans Masculine Patients."


Interested in information on PrEP for gay, bi, and queer trans masculine individuals?

View the reading material below for more information, and frequently asked questions.


Transgender and gender nonconforming people throughout Massachusetts and the U.S. experience widespread discrimination and health inequities.

Learn more about discrimination in our report titled "Discrimination and Health in Massachusetts: A Statewide Survey of Transgender and Gender NonConforming Adults."

Patient Resources

Need a communication tool to help trans and gender non-conforming individuals navigate healthcare settings?

The TGNC Card, designed to fit in a wallet, can help facilitate conversations with medical providers about topics that may feel uncomfortable or awkward, like gender identity and sexual behavior. The TGNC Card is a collaboration between the Q Card (www.qcardproject.com) and The Trans Masculine Sexual Health Collaborative, a program of The Fenway Institute in Boston. In 2012, Genya Shimkin developed the Q Card to create a simple communication tool that could improve healthcare for queer youth. The Trans Masculine Sexual Health Collaborative team noticed the need for a similar tool to assist trans andgender non-conforming people of all ages during healthcare visits. Click below to download a printable version of the TGNC card and a handout.

Provider Resources

Interested in printable resources for clinical settings?

These materials are meant to be displayed in exam rooms and offices in health centers to spark conversations about transgender health among providers, staff, and patients.

Educator Resources

Want information about bullying experiences of LGBTQ youth at school?

We conducted this study to understand the experiences of LGBTQ students and school health professionals in
Massachusetts around bullying, including how school health professionals have responded to these bullying incidents and what impacts them supporting LGBTQ students. Check out the report for some findings from the study.


Need LGBTQ and trans-specific resources to assist you during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We created a resource document with national, Massachusetts-specific, and Boston-specific resources relating to employment, finances, health, and more that may be helpful during these uncertain times.